Plan for the Future:

Safe Neighborhoods

Prevention: Invest in a Comprehensive Community Policing (CCP) that links dedicate police officers to key neighborhood stakeholders with the goal of prevent crime, opening up lines of communication, and build stronger relationships in the community, including utilizing new technology based tools to reduce crime.

Services: Execute any possible means to preserve current service levels, particularly in those areas of the highest need, and with the goal of reducing response times by 10% Ensure that public safety resources are sustainable and accountable, that consolidation only occurs in the best interest of Kentwood residents, and efficiencies are found to help control costs Jobs and Businesses.

Jobs: Work to preserve current jobs and recruit 400 new jobs in four years
Small Business: Helping small business succeed in Kentwood by creating the Kentwood Capital Corp helping finance start up business in target economic develop areas and provide mentorship to entrepreneurs aiding in their success.

Cutting Red Tape: Continuing the long tradition of cutting red tape to business development and develop processes to support to rational enforcement of regulations.

Business Recruitment: Harness my passion to be a fierce and shameless champion for Kentwood as an attractive place to invest, develop businesses, and compete regionally for jobs Neighborhoods, Infrastructure, and Community.

Housing and Code Enforcement: Preserve housing values and neighborhoods using the tools of by forming a committee of residents, rental owners, and community leaders to make modifications to both the rental inspection program and code enforcement to improve the quality of residential homes and decrease crime.

Parks and Recreation: Focus deliberately on ensuring parks and recreation funding and infrastructure is adequate and sustainable by supporting the upcoming parks millage renewal and encourage funds to be used for maintenance of recently built facilities.

Transportation: Work with local and state leaders to ensure consistent funding for roads and transportation.

Seniors: Develop the Senior Connections program to help address safety for seniors, aid in providing access to the community, and connect directly to City Hall Leadership Cultivation and Investing In Our Youth: Develop leadership development programs with the Kentwood Public School, nonprofit leaders, and local businesses to provide the tools needed for today’s youth to be successful, productive members of society, do well in school, and stay out of trouble.