Stephen Kepley Bio

For the last 10 years Stephen Kepley has served the citizens of Kentwood as Director of Engineering and Inspections. Former Mayor Rick Root, created this position to streamline processes, for problem solving, and for improving public relations for businesses that were considering relocating or expanding within the City of Kentwood. A year later, Stephen was given the responsibilities of both the City Engineer and Building Official for Kentwood. With the backing of Mayor Root, Stephen was able to make the necessary changes that have encouraged businesses to come to Kentwood and to assist the existing customers to accomplish their goals for future growth in Kentwood. Stephen has always loved working with people to solve problems, encourage growth, and serve the common good for those around him.

Servant leadership and a deep sense of personal responsibility are two character traits that have directed his actions for most of his life and have served his family, friends, citizens, and the corporate world, well. He has been an excellent student, dedicated husband, father, leader and reliable employee. Graduating with honors from a Virginia high school, he attended Virginia Tech’s Engineering School earning a BS in Engineering. Stephen started working immediately after graduating from Virginia Tech for a national manufacturer of civil engineering product solutions. His life in Kentwood started in 1989 when the company transferred him to the area. Stephen was responsible for servicing the customers in over 40 counties. He learned what it was like to serve both company and customer, to understand the world of marketing, manufacturing, and construction as well as being a responsible citizen and community leader.

Having just moved to Kentwood, Stephen helped plant a church and soon became an elder, treasurer, and youth leader. He met his wife, Susan, while passing out bulletins one Sunday morning. A year later they were married. His family still attends the church to this day. It is rewarding for Stephen to see his daughters taking part in a church community that he helped start.

Stephen and Susan enjoy investing in people. For over 18 years Stephen and Susan have been the off-site advisors for Calvin College’s Mu Kappa group, a missionary and third culture group for students. Throughout the years, Stephen and Susan have mentored students and led small groups. They believe the best investment one can make is in people, for the rewards will continue for generations to come.